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Who We Are

It is Louis and Lisa’s belief one person cannot heal another…all healing is self healing. When a manifestation of a condition first presents itself in our spiritual body and goes unattended, it can then show up in our mental, emotional and/or physical bodies. Modern medicine treats only the symptoms (which are simply signs that our body is signaling an imbalance). When these symptoms are suppressed by pain killers or wiped out by antibiotics, the underlying cause has not been resolved and the illness will eventually manifest again in one form or another.

We support the brilliant workings of the body intelligence by helping activate natural healing mechanisms. This is the framework in which our services and products are built around. Our desire is to raise awareness of holistic approaches as a way of living, promoting wellness and a healthier quality of life. Our approaches are not a substitute for allopathic medicine but rather can complement a health care regimen. By being aware and conscious of alternative healing methods, one allows themselves to be empowered, conscious and balanced so that true self healing can occur!

This is the philosophy in which Quantum Energy Werks embraces; our complementary wellness services acknowledge our clients as a whole being: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our Mission Statement
To realize our role as the absolute leaders in holistic products, services and education. To achieve our goals through helping others improve their lives while always providing honesty, integrity, value and the best customer service possible.

Areas of Expertise

Indiana University-Purdue University Reflexology Certification Program

National Certified Reflexologist by American Reflexology Certification Board and CEU provider (

Members of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (

Currently conducts Aromatherapy, Quantum-Touch® and Raindrop Technique lectures/trainings

Facilitates Ethics training at local colleges

Certified Level I and II Quantum-Touch® Practitioners (

Certified Practitioners for Raindrop Technique (

Essential Wellness Training by Young Living; Chemistry of Essential Oils

M’lis Certified Wellness Consultant and Certified Body Wrap Specialist

Certified Reiki Master-Teacher of the Usui System (Levels I-III)