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Chakra Balancing

What is Chakra Balancing?

The Sanskrit word “chakra,” dating back to ancient India and the Hindu Yogis, means literally “spinning wheel.” Imagine the chakras as interconnecting wheels, when all chakras are spinning in harmony, at the same speed, the system runs smoothly as a single mechanism. Where there is dysfunction or blockage in one part of the system, it has an impact on all other parts.

When the chakras are out of balance, we may feel stuck in the area of your life that is out of balance. This is why we tend to repeat the same negative situations, scenarios and issues in our lives. Not until we learn how to unblock, balance and expand our chakras will we be out of the cycle of repeating the same challenging situations in our life. To balance the chakras, Lou and Lisa may use many energy healing techniques, including crystal healing, sound therapy, energy medicine and essential oils.

You can benefit from Chakra Balancing if you wish to:

  • Assist with depression or feelings of emptiness
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Help with chronic physical ailments
  • Release emotional pain from past experiences
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Supplement and support your spiritual and meditation practice
  • Experience more vitality

Disclaimer: None of the above is meant to diagnose, treat, prescribe or claim to cure any disease. Clients are advised they should consult with their own medical practitioners for the diagnoses, care or treatment of any health condition.

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