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“It has been my GREAT pleasure to have a reflexology session from Lisa. I was impressed with her professionalism and her caring attitude. The session was very relaxing and she provided me with helpful information regarding my body that enhanced my well being. She has expanded her abilities with the use of Reiki and essential oils, which add to the benefits of wellness for the body, mind and spirit. It was a beautiful experience for me.”

~ Connie Bunting, The Reiki Center of Indiana

IonSpa Foot Detox

“Previous to my first foot detox, I was having problems with neck and back pain. I wanted to try the foot detox out of curiosity, but to my surprise, I could actually feel my pains disappearing during the session! Another big advantage for me was that I was having trouble sleeping before the session, and the same night I had the foot detox, I actually slept for 8 hours straight. I continue with sessions because I feel better overall.”

~ Beth Albertson, IN

Distant Healing

“I can tell you that right now my right shoulder doesn’t sag anymore. It used to be lower than my left shoulder. I think my knee is back to normal and my scoliosis is different. My lump in my back (from scoliosis) is much smaller and I feel aligned instead of always off center. I think my spine is very close to being correct for the first time since I was about 8 years old.”

~ Greg Holloway, GA

“I must tell you, after the distant healing session yesterday, I began to feel a sensation in my left occipital lobe later that night. Today I woke up with less stiffness and as the day progressed, the muscles in my neck and back are more relaxed. I wanted to give you this intial testimonial…24 hours later. Last night was the first time I slept like a baby and the first time I did not go downstairs and sleep on the couch around 2:30AM. I must say that this is better than 24 hours after a chiropractic session or a pain injection from my M.D. Thank you!”

~ Scott Burin, OH

Energy Medicine Sessions

“I received a healing session by Lou. I am a hair stylist, my job causes stress on all parts of my body. My reason for this service was severe back and neck pain. Not sure this would be the answer to this problem, at this point I was ready to try whatever might help. Within minutes after having this done I felt relief, it felt as though the pain had lifted out of my body. It was a relaxing experience. I would definitely recommend this service to all. Thank you Lou.

~ Genevieve LaVere, IL

“Lou, my session with you was so enlightening. I’ve always believed that energy/electricity/life force energy was circulating and running throughout our bodies all the time. The energy I felt during our session was so powerful. I literally felt like someone had plugged me into a light socket and I was charged and releasing physical and emotional tension. I’m ready to learn more!”

~ Barb Meyers, IN

Raindrop Technique

“I came to a point in my life where I felt immobilized. I was unmotivated and not living life to it’s full potential. After receiving a Raindrop Treatment I became revitalized mentally, physically and spiritually. The essential oils unleashed an energy within my being I never knew existed. This treatment will awaken you to limitless possibilities. I now enjoy treatments on a regular basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spiritual well-being.”

~ Kimberly Keyton, IN

“I feel really great with my energized spine. I can’t name specifically how it feels better it just feels like an overall more alive feeling. My spine doesn’t get irritated if I sleep or sit on the couch for a long time. I feel calmer and I have better posture all the time.”

~ Nick T, IN

Speaking Events and Workshops

“We were thoroughly blessed by Lou & Lisa’s presentation on Quantum Touch. I had 2 month long shoulder pain eliminated in about 3 minutes. There is still no pain…this stuff really works! You might want to consider taking one of their workshops.”

~ David Robertson of Wholeness for You

“When Lou and Lisa combine their remarkable talents, your training event will score a quantum leap with your audience.”

~ Thomacine Haywood,
Founder of IUPUI Reflexology Certification Program

“I loved learning Quantum Touch from both of you and it was not just the techniques but the way they were presented. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and enjoying each day ever since. It is a completely life changing experience. I hope everyone gets a chance to do it with both of you. You know so much due to immense amount of experience in the field and you both have such high vibration that even the presence is very soothing and energizing.  I have used it on four people and all of them have substantially benefited. One of them had major back pain which had been persistent for a while. She felt extreme relief and could not believe it. I myself could not believe it initially but I guess the more we see the results the more we believe. Perhaps it is the most simple and effective thing in the world. I am totally mesmerized.”

~ Rimpa Goswami