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The workshops provide a strong bolt of inspiration; students often get excited enough to change their lives. Before lunch break on the first day of a Quantum-Touch workshop, participants experience how amazingly powerful Quantum-Touch is. Instructors provide answers to your questions and facilitate individual attention. All this creates a marvelous, contagious joy and enthusiasm during the workshops. Once you’ve learned to use Quantum Touch, it will be yours for a lifetime. It’s wonderful to know you have something of enormous value you can do for other people. You can use it for self-healing or from a distance on those far away. Health care professionals find this modality enhances and transforms their practice, yet this is an ideal and simple skill for the total novice.

  • A series of breathing and body awareness exercises to help you focus and amplify life-force energy. This is the core technique used in Quantum-Touch. It is so easy and natural to learn that we have had children pick it up easily.
  • How to bring down pain and inflammation in record time. All by itself, this is an invaluable skill. It seems that there are always people in pain and it is a blessing to know you can really help.
  • You can observe bones automatically adjusting themselves with a light touch. Actually, the body moves them into correct alignment. You don’t have to figure it out any more than you need to understand how you digest your breakfast.
  • How to help reduce or eliminate back pain and get faster and better results than ever thought possible. There are many chiropractors using Quantum-Touch because it is so effective.
  • How to use a distant healing method to get truly outstanding results. When those you love are not near and you want to help, there is something significant you can do. Distant healing with Quantum-Touch is profoundly effective.
  • How to amplify the power of your sessions by working with chakras, toning and vortexing the life-force energy. These techniques truly increase the power of your sessions significantly.
  • How to use the Amplified Resonance Technique to turbo charge your own sessions so they have a power similar to a group session. This is the most powerful technique presented in the workshop. This allows individuals to run energy as if they were a whole group of people.
  • How to work with pets and other animals. It’s a great joy to use this work with animals as they usually respond amazingly quick.

This may be the easiest and most valuable skill you will ever learn. Quantum Touch will powerfully enhance the effectiveness of all other hands-on techniques you may use.

What People are Saying about Quantum-Touch 

“Thanks so much for the great workshop you gave this weekend. You gave so much of yourselves, I feel like I’ve made two new friends. Quantum Touch is such a great way to initiate healing in ourselves and our clients. I look forward to helping clients progress to their best health by integrating QT into their sessions. Blessings to you both!”
~ Amy Hayden

Lisa and Lou,
“Thanks for the wonderful weekend of QT training! I really enjoyed learning QT from the two of you. Thank you so much for spending time healing me using QT. I continued to feel better and better and by the time I went to bed I would say I was at a 2. I slept well and have absolutely no symptoms or any sign of a bladder infection today!! Wow! This makes me a true believer in the power of QT.”
~ Rita Vahling

Lou and Lisa,

“I wanted to reach out and let you know how my Quantum-Touch is progressing. I practice quite a bit and have been also practicing from the Level 2.0 book, which is really fun. So far I have been able to assist in healing ear infections in both of my kids with same day results – going from fevers and screaming to all better with no recurrence – and I have been amazed both times. We are also seeing wonderful speech development in my son over the last two months, which is very exciting. Not only is he saying lots of words, but he’s singing and imitating, which he wasn’t before, and he’s reading words and he’s only four.  I’m going to continue to work on him a couple times a week and hope to see profound results as I continue. Aligning necks and hips are so easy it’s become a party trick and everyone is always amazed. I’m SO glad I took the class and learned this wonderful skill. It is life-changing. Love to you both.”
~Amy Oler