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What is Quantum-Touch®

Applying the scientifically established principles of resonance and entrainment, in combination with specific and easy to learn breathing techniques – can have powerful and miraculous results by conventional standards. Perhaps one of the most important lesson is each and every one of us, young and old, regardless of our own personal belief system, have the innate ability to help ourselves and others. It is not the “practitioner” who is the healer but the person receiving the energy.

How does Quantum-Touch energy medicine work?

The Quantum-Touch practitioner learns to focus and amplify life-force energy (“chi” or “prana”) by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. When two things vibrate at different frequencies, there is a tendency for the vibrations to come together. Most often, the slower vibration will rise to match the faster frequency.

Quantum-Touch uses resonance and entrainment to facilitate healing. The practitioner learns to raise his or her vibration and create a high level of energy. If that energy field is placed around an area of pain, stress, inflammation or disease, that part of the body will entrain to the higher frequency and allow one’s own biological intelligence to do whatever healing it deems necessary.

Healing is a fascinating process which is generally very poorly understood. While many people think they can heal other people, it is of utmost importance to realize that all healing is self-healing. The body has an extraordinary intelligence and ability to heal itself.

We believe that what we’re doing is affecting matter on a quantum, subatomic level and it works its way up through atoms, molecules, cells and tissue..

Energy follows thought. Our love has impact and when we learn to direct life-force energy, the possibilities are extraordinary. DNA, molecules, cells, tissue, organs and even the position of bones all respond to the powerful vibration of our intention as expressed through life-force energy.

Commonly observed phenomena with Quantum-Touch

Movement of Bones into Alignment
Most everyone can facilitate the movement of bones within the first hours of a workshop, which is astounding to most chiropractors. Bones glide into alignment within minutes without force. The practitioner need not understand anatomy, since body intelligence does the work and decides what transformations will occur.

How does Quantum-Touch work with other modalities?

One of the unique qualities of Quantum-Touch is that it elegantly works in conjunction with any other modality, and is a great stand alone technique as well. Acupuncturists, naturopaths, osteopaths, physical therapists, Reiki practitioners, reflexologists, qi gong and cranial sacral practitioners all say this work transforms their practice. Quantum-Touch allows people to easily hold an extremely high vibration in their hands through breathing and body awareness exercises. This field of energy can profoundly accelerate healing in organs, glands and tissues of the body; pain and inflammation are rapidly reduced as a result.

A Case Study on Scoliosis

Gerry came to Quantum Touch with an extreme curvature of the spine known as scoliosis. Here is a visual account of the transformation of his spine in only one hour using Quantum-Touch, with NO physical manipulation! Remember, Quantum-Touch is transforming structures on all levels. If such a transformation is happening physically, imagine what must be happening on the deeper cellular and molecular levels. Such rapid transformations happen frequently enough, but not every time. This is representative of the best case. Typically, it may take a few sessions to create this level of healing.

“Quantum-Touch is an easily learnable skill that can provide balance, healing, comfort and postural realignment.”       ~ David Kamnitzer, D.C

Excellent results with babies, animals and people under general anesthesia
The results we see with babies, pets and people under general anesthesia suggest that the effectiveness of Quantum-Touch is not due to a psychological mechanism such as placebo or suggestion. Pulmonary blood gas levels during surgery were found to rise substantially if the patient received Quantum-Touch while under general anesthesia.

Inflammation due to injury is rapidly reduced
Quantum-Touch works wonders post-surgically, as well as on trauma and burns. One nurse stated that a physician asked her to stop using Quantum-Touch post-surgically since he could no longer predict how much pain medication to prescribe to the patient.

Emotional and psychological conditions respond well to Quantum-Touch
Panic attacks and symptoms of stress will usually subside quickly and Quantum Touch works well with multiple personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Life-force energy can cause one to feel emotionally balanced and can bring about rapid and profound emotional shifts in a short amount of time.

Induction of sleep or deep meditation
People often feel as if they had a full night’s rest after a session. Many people feel that they are moving into the fastest and deepest meditation of their lives.